What will I remember from 2020 after 10 years?

What will I remember from 2020 after 10 years?

According to the Gregorian calendar another year – 2020 – is over. We all know the different reasons why 2020 will going to be mentioned in history books. There are some epic review videos of 2020 on Youtube that bring tears to your eyes: by Cee-Roo, by Time, by Vox etc.

On a personal level, all people have had to accept some life changes. And if the world won’t get even more extreme, we all have collected some extraordinary memories from 2020.

Inevitable luck

Although I stated in my last post that “Fortune favours the prepared mind”, probably no one (except Bill Gates, maybe!? :)) was prepared for the global pandemic. Had I thought before about how potential pandemic would influence my income and safety? No. Nothing to do with my preparations.

Thinking back on my own past 365 days, I am grateful to not been diagnosed with Covid, that my family and friends are healthy, and that I have a loving and supporting partner to keep me happy and mentally stable. Also, I am lucky to keep my job in Post11 and that it doesn’t require me to risk my health like frontline workers do every day.

It’s pure luck, God, higher energy, or whatever someone’s willing to belive in, that greatly impacts my life.

Gather unique experiences

When I started to think about the best memories from previous years, I remember so many things from the year 2018 when we travelled and lived in South-East Asia with Grete. But not so much from 2019 when we moved back to Estonia. Why is that?

In 2019, I got jobs in Post11 and Spin-programme, got promoted in Post11, manage to save money, and start investing again. In many ways, 2019 was a very successful year. But there were much less new, unusual, extraordinary experiences in my life compared to 2018. In South-East Asia, we saw, tasted, learned something new almost every day.

It’s the number of unique experiences, that make a year memorable.

Step outside the comfort zone

The decision to go to South-East Asia was a big step outside our comfort zone. And during travelling, we often had to push ourselves to try and do something unfamiliar. I acknowledge that there is a reason why we create comfort zones around ourselves. Having been shy all my life, I am definitely not the biggest risk-taker. But every time I have successfully overcome my fears, I feel proud and more confident afterwards. Every positive experience builds confidence in myself to try new things in the future.

There’s an interesting thing with those experiences where I have decided to risk but failed. These haven’t stuck with me as bad memories. I rather tend to take them as life lessons or as stories I can laugh about. As my friend likes to say “Bad decisions make good stories”. Sometimes lose, always win.

So no matter if the outcome is good or bad, the best way to make unforgettable memories is to step outside the comfort zone.

Collect memories

I accept that luck plays a significant role in my life, and I don’t have much influence if bad things happen to me. But I can decide to create positive memories. Most of the times, positive memories begin by seeking discomfort and trying something new.

I believe people should focus on collecting memories, not money. Of course, without money, many experiences are unreachable. But at the end of the day with a lot of money and a few memories, would I really feel that I lived my life in full potential?

Every time I face an uncomfortable situation, I try to remind myself that it might be a beginning for a great new memory.

Here’re my top memories from 2020:

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